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UncertaintyWhat life history strategies are utilized by Columbia River Basin fishes (e.g., Pacific salmon, lamprey, sturgeon, eulachon), and how do they influence survival and growth in tributaries, the mainstem above and below the dams, estuary, and ocean plume?
ThemePopulation structure and diversity
SubthemeLife history
Sources ISRP/ISAB 2009-1: Tagging Report
Criticality Level Priority
Rationale Greater understanding of the life history diversity of focal species is needed to set appropriate targets for abundance, distribution, and harvest rate and to improve strategies for habitat restoration and hatchery supplementation. Potential benefits of improved management are large and long-term because life history diversity enhances the basinwide carrying capacity of the species as well as its adaptability to environmental changes in the future.

last updated: Apr 22, 2016 (changed since ISAB/ISRP report date of Jan 29, 2016)