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UncertaintyTo what extent is the viability or abundance of native fish and wildlife populations in the Columbia River Basin jeopardized by predation?
Criticality Level Priority
Rationale This uncertainty is highly relevant to the Fish and Wildlife Program vision regarding the abundance, diversity, and resilience of focal species. Considerable theoretical and some historical knowledge exist about the long-term dynamics of native predators and their co-evolved prey. However, predicting how predators will impact prey populations is particularly difficult when other factors affecting the abundance or vulnerability of the prey are changing beyond historical norms (see Programmatic Comment 4). The ISAB has not comprehensively reviewed the impacts of predation on Columbia River salmon, but it has summarized some existing knowledge in its reports on food webs (ISAB 2011-1) and density dependence (ISAB 2015-1).

last updated: Jan 27, 2016