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UncertaintyWhat is the potential role of lamprey propagation and translocation as a way to mitigate for lost lamprey production when passage and habitat improvements alone are insufficient to restore lamprey populations? Specifically, can artificial propagation be used to supplement and restore depressed populations of Pacific lamprey?
ThemeFish propagation
SubthemeNatural populations/demographics - rebuild
Sources Critical Uncertainties for Lamprey in the Columbia River Basin: Update and Revision, April 28, 2011 by Columbia River Basin Lamprey Technical Workgroup
Tribal Pacific Lamprey Restoration Plan
Recommendations for the 2014 Program Amendment from USGS-NW
NPCC Fish and Wildlife Program 2014
Criticality Level Priority
Rationale Artificial culture is being explored as a possible option to restore Pacific lamprey abundance and distribution. Many questions remain about the methods that should be used to artificially produce juvenile Pacific lamprey, particularly during the post-hatching and early rearing periods. Translocation or the capture of adult Pacific lamprey at lower river sites and subsequent release into up-river locations is also being investigated as a recovery strategy. Research, is needed to refine adult release locations and to determine the habitat features and environmental conditions necessary to make translocation a successful strategy. Some investigators have hypothesized that Pacific lamprey may not always home to natal river basins, such as the Columbia River. Thus, a fundamental uncertainty associated with translocation and artificial culture is whether these recovery strategies will have any effect on the number of adult Pacific lamprey returning to the Columbia River. Additionally, outbreeding caused by translocation could threaten local adaptations that are not yet recognized. Genetic analyses and sampling at sites such as Bonneville Dam may help answer these questions.

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199402600 Pacific Lamprey Research and Restoration Project National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Umatilla Confederated Tribes (CTUIR) Columbia Plateau/Umatilla Programmatic RM and E Indirectly

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