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UncertaintyWhat new harvest and escapement strategies (including selective harvest) can be employed to improve harvest opportunities and ecological benefits within the Columbia River Basin while minimizing negative effects on ESUs (evolutionarily significant units) or populations of concern?
SubthemeImpacts - new strategies, techniques (such as selective fisheries)
Sources ISRP 2010-44a: RM&E and Artificial Production Categorical Review
NPCC 2006-3: Research Plan 2006
Criticality Level Priority
Rationale This question is fundamental to Fish and Wildlife Program’s Appendix D Goal 18: "Enhance harvest of anadromous fish….." and the legal requirement to mitigate for lost fishing opportunities. Harvesting surplus hatchery fish could benefit both people and natural origin populations; opportunities to do so exist when the total spawning escapement exceeds carrying capacity. Some strategies exist for targeting surplus hatchery fish, but further development is needed to address challenges such as catch and release mortality and opposition to marking fish visually and releasing fish that have been captured. Concerns that efficient use of surplus hatchery fish might lead to reduced efforts to restore habitat and improve production of natural populations must be addressed. This critical uncertainty is from the 2006 Research Plan; see Part 2, ISAB/ISRP 2016-1, CU #25, for a discussion of progress made toward addressing this uncertainty.

Projects that address this uncertainty:

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ID Title Sponsor Locations Purpose Emphasis Addresses
198805304 Hood River Production Monitor and Evaluation (M&E)-Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Columbia Gorge/Hood Artificial Production RM and E Directly
200810500 Selective Gear Deployment Colville Confederated Tribes Columbia Cascade/Okanogan Harvest RM and E Directly
200890700 Genetic Assessment of Columbia River Stocks Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) Programmatic RM and E Directly
201003100 Snake River Chinook and Steelhead Parental Based Tagging Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) Blue Mountain/Grande Ronde, Blue Mountain/Imnaha, Columbia Plateau/Snake Lower, Mountain Snake/Clearwater, Mountain Snake/Salmon Programmatic RM and E Directly
198605000 Evaluate Sturgeon Populations in the Lower Columbia River Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Habitat RM and E Indirectly
199000501 Umatilla Basin Natural Production Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Umatilla Confederated Tribes (CTUIR) Columbia Plateau/Umatilla Artificial Production RM and E Indirectly
199506335 Klickitat River Monitoring and Evaluation-Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project (YKFP) Yakama Confederated Tribes Columbia Gorge/Klickitat Artificial Production RM and E Indirectly
200811500 Lake Roosevelt Burbot Population Assessment Colville Confederated Tribes Intermountain/Columbia Upper Programmatic RM and E Indirectly
200830600 Deschutes River Fall Chinook Research and Monitoring Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Columbia Plateau/Deschutes Programmatic RM and E Indirectly
200830800 Willamette Falls Lamprey Escapement Estimate Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Lower Columbia/Willamette Programmatic RM and E Indirectly

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