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UncertaintyHow will the long-term climate trends predicted for the Columbia River Basin and the northeast Pacific Ocean affect fish and wildlife in the region?
ThemeClimate change
SubthemeEffects - general
Criticality Level Priority
Rationale Some modeling has been done, but future research will be an ongoing process of fine-tuning climate models and applying those models to hydrology, habitat phenology, and biota. This question provides a broad base under which researchers and others can define more specific topics. The ISAB and ISRP believe that the sub-uncertainties associated with this broad question are among the most critical climate change uncertainties. For the Program to be successful over the long term, special attention needs to be paid to two primary aspects of water: (1) maintaining reliable quantities and (2) consistent high quality. It is important to note that quality encompasses a broad variety of issues.

last updated: Jan 26, 2016