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UncertaintyBased on feeding ecology, what is the relative importance of non-native prey items such as American shad and Asian clams to white sturgeon? What are the effects on white sturgeon of a diet consisting of various combinations of native and non-native prey items Does foraging on thiaminase-rich American shad have a negative effect on white sturgeon? Are food resources sufficient for all life stages of sturgeon throughout the river and in various segments? What is the carrying capacity, especially in pools? How may various management actions affect food resources for white sturgeon (e.g. shad, reestablishing lamprey, shellfish). How can bioenergetics modeling and food web analysis contribute to our understanding of carrying capacity and conditions affecting growth, survival and recruitment? How does reservoir productivity affect carrying capacity?
ThemeHabitat mainstem
SubthemeAssessment - relevance
Sources ISRP 2010-44a: RM&E and Artificial Production Categorical Review
Recommendations for the 2014 Program Amendment from ODFW, WDFW, Cowlitz I.T., USRTF, USFWS
RME/AP Synthesis Report
Criticality Level Medium

last updated: Nov 09, 2015