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UncertaintyCan habitat restoration, removing barriers, and transporting fish above barriers sufficiently increase carrying capacity to recover native wild fish populations in the face of introduced hatchery fish and non-native invasive species that also compete for the same resources?
ThemeHabitat tributary
Criticality Level Priority
Rationale The goal of restoring habitat in tributaries, and removing barriers or transporting fish above them, is to increase carrying capacity in tributaries where habitat has been degraded or lost to barriers like dams and culverts. However, a critical uncertainty is whether restoring or reconnecting this habitat is sufficient by itself to recover native fish and wildlife populations, and whether hatchery or non-native invasive species will usurp these resources and prevent benefits to native populations. If the uncertainty is not addressed, then it could be that restored habitat often will be dominated by hatchery fish or non-native species and, therefore, be of little benefit for recovering native wild fish. Addressing whether or not transporting anadromous and resident fish around barriers will aid in recovering populations will help determine the cost-effectiveness of this approach.

last updated: Jan 26, 2016