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UncertaintyHow do fish move among rearing habitats, and what is the importance of habitat connectivity and spatial distribution?
ThemePopulation structure and diversity
SubthemeLife history - migration connectivity
Sources Recommendations for the 2014 Program Amendment from Cowlitz I.T., USRTF, NOAA-F. USGS-NW
Criticality Level Priority
Rationale This uncertainty has long-term and basinwide implications for the effectiveness of habitat restoration projects that are central to the Program. Understanding how fish move among habitats and how much connectivity is needed to maintain the viability of focal populations can also guide landscape planning decisions that affect the spatial distribution of efforts to restore habitat or mitigate for climate change. Knowledge varies among species and regions. Some aspects of this uncertainty may need to be resolved at relatively small scales to understand how projects interact and could complement one another. Kanno et al.’s (2014) study of brook trout movements inferred from PIT tag detections and genetic pedigree data could serve as a template for future research.

last updated: Jan 27, 2016