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UncertaintyWhat is the status of white sturgeon populations in the Columbia River Basin?
ThemePopulation structure and diversity
SubthemeStatus and trends - assessment
Sources Recommendations for the 2014 Program Amendment from ODFW, WDFW, Cowlitz I.T., USRTF, USFWS
Criticality Level Priority
Rationale This uncertainty is deemed critical because of serious concerns about inadequate recruitment and connectivity for white sturgeon populations above Bonneville Dam. Considerable research on factors affecting recruitment is underway for some populations, and it is essential that these efforts continue. Connectivity is a concern for all migratory species in the Basin and is likely a critical issue for the long-term viability of white sturgeon. Parent Based Tagging and other genetic methods appear well suited to addressing this uncertainty, particularly given the prominent role of artificial propagation in maintaining the abundance of landlocked populations of white sturgeon. Further development of such technical capacity seems feasible and may be of value in measuring connectivity and maintaining genetic diversity. This general uncertainty encompasses 11 other more specific uncertainties related to white sturgeon.

last updated: Feb 03, 2016 (changed since ISAB/ISRP report date of Jan 29, 2016)